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28 February – 1 March 2023 // Nuremberg, Germany

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Welcome to - THE international website for hunters and sport shooters with many product reviews and tests about firearms, ammunition, optics and accessories! Have also fun waching our videos and Facebook sites.


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The Behörden Spiegel supports the public administration at the federal, state, local and armed forces. Germany's largest and independent newspaper for the state and municipalities, its employees and its purchasing department shows ways to be more efficient.
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BLAULICHT ist das führende Schweizer Fachmagazin für alle Einsatz- und Rettungskräfte. Das Magazin informiert sechsmal jährlich über Tätigkeit, Taktik und Ausrüstung der Blau- und Gelblichtkräfte – unabhängig, aus erster Hand sowie in Deutsch, Französisch und Italienisch.


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– Shooting – Guns – Equipment – Technology 

caliber is the 1987 founded leading magazine for dynamic shooting. Ambitious sport shooters as well as law enforcement and security officials always find the most recent news related to practical shooting and arms technology. International Champions report on their very personal tips and tricks. All tests performed are conducted under practical aspects, unsparing and absolutely honest.
Frequency of publication: 10 x a year

CRISIS PREVENTION (CP) ist das behördliche Fachmagazin für Gefahrenabwehr, Innere Sicherheit und Katastrophenhilfe. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf dem CP-Fachportal


Frag Out! Magazine

Frag Out! Magazine - digital military and tactical magazine. The ultimate source for reliable information since 2014. Global reach and totally free for readers. Check WWW.FRAGOUTMAG.COM for more details.


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Government CIO Outlook is a technology magazine based in Fremont, California that focuses on the trends, challenges, and opportunities for CIOs to deliver efficient technology-driven operations in enabling smart governance. Focused on the nitty-gritty involved in decision making for CIOs, we are a platform that reflects the underlying challenges in IT adoption in the government. Government CIO Outlook scouts the IT market for vendors who offer state of the art IT solutions for the government.



IsraelDefense is a unique website dedicated to all areas of Israeli military, cyber and defense affairs. The website provides all-inclusive and in-depth articles on the IDF, defense industries, innovative startups, homeland security, technological solutions, warfare doctrines, weapons systems, regional and global strategy, secret services, and in addition, to the latest reports in the defense and cyber field. IsraelDefense is a media group with a global reach and dedicated following. Our editorial team is always in the-know, providing our audience with the latest defense news and developments including business, cyber, IT, space, HLS, intelligence, as well as the land, air, and naval domains. IsraelDefense's media platforms include a Hebrew and English websites as well as a weekly newsletter released to its wide pool of subscribers.



K-ISOM (Kommando - International Special Operations Magazine) berichtet exklusiv aus der realen Welt der modernen Elite- und Spezialeinheiten und ist ein Fachmagazin mit großer Verbreitung und Akzeptanz in der D-A-CH Region in deutscher Sprache.


Logo M.I.F.A.

M.I.F.A is a communication tool dealing with information and current affairs of the Defense and Security. Its main purpose is to inform the defense (civil and military) actors, to reference the defense suppliers, to deal with the news of the last weeks and the forecasts of future projects.

MILMAG is the reliable European magazine & news publisher. Our mission is to provide the most complex information about both sport shooting and military systems worldwide. Using many platforms we are gathering large community of military professionals, sport shooters, outdoor enthusiasts and arms manufacturers. We are providing accurate information everyday.
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Mönch magazines cover the world. The sole focus of the publications is defence and defence technology. Mönch magazines are available in 5 different languages – with specific national, regional or global coverage. Mönch exceeds defence information requirements of decision-makers within the armed forces, governments, military armaments and acquisition authorities, and the global defence industry.


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Police Life is a leading publication for Police officers in the United Kingdom. Published every month Police Life is an essential read for all levels of police personnel. Topics covered include news and product information to prevent and detect crime.
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Die POLIZEIPRAXIS informiert die Polizeibediensteten über die unterschiedlichsten Aspekte des täglichen Dienstes und bietet Herstellern und Dienstleistern die Ansprache und Präsentation neuer Produkte und Lösungen für den Polizeialltag.


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Soldat & Technik is a German-language online platform with an international focus on topics related to dismounted combat operations, weaponry, equipment, training and employment.



TAKTIK + MEDIZIN is the first journal in Germany dedicated to the topic of tactics and medical strategies in the context of threat situations. It is published four times a year and is only available via subscription.