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e-Tint® is synonymous with cutting-edge visual technology.

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1950 State Route 59, STE 100
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e-Tint® is the science behind the world’s most famous high-performance, electronically tinting eyewear and visors. Designed for use by the United States military, e-Tint technology is now available in eyewear, goggles and visors for soldiers and civilians who require precision optics every step of the way. 

The result of two decades of research, development, and testing by the award-winning physics team in AlphaMicron’s renowned laboratories, e-Tint® brings advanced science to bear on modern eyewear. Leveraging proprietary liquid crystal technology, e-Tint® is the world’s fastest transitional eyewear, bar none. A single e-Tint lens will transform from light to dark, or dark to light, in less than 0.1 second. 

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