Enforce Tac 2020

Well-armed with equipment that meets real-life challenges

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At Enforce Tac in Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, procurement decision-makers and representatives of official security agencies will find a range of tactical equipment to help them meet their challenging responsibilities. So don't miss out when the international trade fair for law enforcement opens its doors on 4 and 5 March 2020.

Address these challenges with the right contacts, the right equipment and the right knowledge. At Enforce Tac, you will find a unique range of products on display covering all facets of official security.
Manufacturers from all over the world showcase their new developments in guns and ammunition for official agencies, optics and optronics, information and communication technology, and traffic technology, vehicles and more.
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Enforce Tac comes with an action-packed supporting programme

Security deployments are not just about having good equipment but also the right kind of expertise. This is why training and professional development play a key role at Enforce Tac. The European Police Trainer Conference provides expert knowledge on new kinds of threat scenarios through presentations and practical training exercises, while the Laser Safety Conference offers an opportunity to learn about protecting people and machines from lasers.

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European Policetrainer Conference 2019 at Enforce Tac

Take a look at what to expect from this two day event in Nuremberg, Germany. Members of official agencies with security and law enforcement responsibilities will get a 360 degree view on the latest developments in a high-class conference. On the second day the participants will exercise in different training sessions. Take part in the conference and in Enforce Tac 2019 – international trade fair for command, control and operational equipment used by security agencies.