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28 February – 1 March 2023 // Nuremberg, Germany

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Enforce Tac reasons for visiting

Do you decide what weapons for official agencies, operational clothing, communication systems, vehicles or optics an official agency buys? Then read these 5 good reasons why it pays to visit Enforce Tac in Nuremberg on 28.2.–1.3.2023:

1. Focus on official Security Experts

You can be sure you’re on the same wavelength as the other visitors and exhibitors at Enforce Tac. The Product range and the topics at the accompanying workshops and conferences appeal solely to security experts from the police, judiciary, border protection, customs, military police or armed forces.

2. Sensitive Products in a confidential Atmosphere

Enforce Tac is subject to strict admission criteria. The restricted exhibition area creates a confidential atmosphere in which highly specialized suppliers can explain to you the advantages, high-tech materials and applications of their sensitive products without disturbance.

3. Combination with IWA OutdoorClassics

One business trip, two top-class exhibitions in one place, with one entrance ticket. Enforce Tac combined with IWA OutdoorClassics, which takes place immediately afterwards, offers an outstanding spectrum of security products, with Enforce Tac providing the setting for exclusive contact with representatives from official agencies.

4. Annual international Dialogue

The development of crime and terrorist threats shows no consideration for exhibition cycles. At Enforce Tac in Nuremberg, international security experts meet every year to discuss the latest trends and products in the segments of law enforcement, security and tactical solutions. You can look forward to interesting talks and the opportunity to make contact with international security professionals, because some 40% of all visitors travel from outside Germany.

5. Bavarian Minister of the Interior, for Sports and Integration as patron

The concept of Enforce Tac as a sector platform is also recognized in political circles: Bavarian Minister of the Interior, for Sports and Integration, Joachim Herrmann, took over as patron of the Enforce Tac in 2019. The intensive exchange between representatives of official agencies, industry, research and teaching focuses on weapons, ballistic accessories, optronics, tactical equipment, and operational clothing such as bullet-proof vests, stab-proof vests, body protection, face protection, shields and helmets.

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