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ProudlyDesigned and Manufactured in the Netherlands, Designed to last

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Wir bieten

  • Behördenwaffen, Waffenteile, Munition, Waffensicherung
  • Pistolen
  • Nicht-tödliche Waffen/Wirkmittel
  • Trainingswaffen
  • Maschinenpistolen
  • Flinten
  • Präzisionsschützengewehre
  • Halbautomatische Gewehre
  • Schalldämpfer
  • Picatinny-Schienen
  • Spezialwaffen
  • Nicht-tödliche Munition
  • Allgemeine Trainingsgeräte
  • Simulationsschießen, inkl. Lichtschießen
  • Einsatzmunition
  • Schieß- und Spezialausbildung
  • Optik-Zubehör, inkl. Stative
  • Schießstandtechnik, inkl. Lärmschutz
  • Wärmebildgeräte/-kameras
  • Sondermunition
  • Trainingsmunition
  • Sonstige Beobachtungausrüstung
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Geukerdijk 56
7481CC Haaksbergen

Über uns

ATP-Europe is a Dutch distribution and Production company representing some of the world’s leading manufacturers within the Shooting Sports, Law Enforcement and Military markets. Incorporated in 1993 by Renier van den Berg the company began under the the name Gun-Pro by being the Dutch distributor of Shooting Systems. Solid and loyal partnerships are what the company is founded on and these values remain in place today. Gun-Pro was also develloping special equipment for L&E and military missions.

Over 30 years of experience has shown that this approach means we can better serve the needs of both our customers and our suppliers by being able to ensure quality products and competitive prices backed with a full and professional after-sales service.

In 1995 the company moved to its new location in Haaksbergen, Eastern located within the Netherlands the premises serve as the ideal distribution point being only 20 minutes away from Enschede International Airport, 15 minutes away fron the German border and 90 minutes away from Dordmund and Weeze international Airport .In the year 2000 Gun-Pro was merged into the newly founded company ATP-Europe. ATP-Europe is specializing in products for the Police and Military market.POLICE AND MILITARY DIVISION

Developed over the last 30 years the business now has its own specialist department; the ATP-Europe's (POLICE & MILITARY DIVISION) serving the Military, law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Special Operations and Security Services.

ATP-EUROPE continues to grow and now holds a comprehensive portfolio of some of the world’s most innovative, prestigious and reactive products and manufacturers within the field.

We are now able to meet the customer’s specific and often specialist requirements, developing and producing bespoke items even when others would not be able to meet the deadline.

Our standard service includes; System design liaison service, the collaboration of expertise to perfect system fulfilment and future enhancements; Specialist Advisory through which we are able to offer product training when required, Back-Up & warranty; pre-sales help and advice coupled with comprehensive and professional after-sales including in-house development, production, import, export & training expertise.

Projects developed between manufacturers, suppliers and end-users in recent years have resulted in many new products being adopted and accepted as standard. Many of these products now hold NATO stock numbers.


Developed over the last 20 years the business now has its own specialist department; the ATP-Europe (TRAINING DIVISION) serving the Military, law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Special Operations and Security Services with special training systems.Teatherless recoil systems, laser training weapons, special training ammunition (marking rounds, 40mm training ammunition etc)

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