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Wir bieten

  • CBRN-Schutz
  • Schutzschilde
  • Einsatzhelme
  • Schlag- und Stichschutz-Ausrüstung
  • Ballistische Schilde
  • Ballistische Schutzhelme
  • Ballistische Schutzwesten
  • Persönliche Ausrüstung
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Agiou Louka 31A
19002 Peania, Athens

About us

 ELMON S.A is a leading producer and Systems Integrator, specializing in the Protection, Security and Defense Systems as well as related services to provide the best possible solutions to the most demandings end-users.

Customized solutions are offered to meet specific demands in the areas of military, police and homeland security.

All products - systems are thoroughly tested to withstand the harsh conditions of the battlefield.

ELMON S.A has a strong extrovert approach to exports to elite of customers in more than 30 countries , recognized among the most innovative, customer-driven company for personal protection by delivering uncompromising quality.

At ELMON S.A we produce our own Body Armor, Ballistic Plates, Helmets and CBRN suits.

Body Armor 
Ballistic Plates
Ballistic Helmets
Soft Armor
Ballistic Vests
Ballistic Protection
CBRN Protection
RIB Boat

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