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Enforce Tac Village

Enforce Tac Village


Enforce Tac Village

The Mission

  • Experience products in action - live, realistic and professionally presented.
  • Various scenarios, prepared by former as well as active soldiers and policemen.
  • Realized four times a day, broadcast live in the entrance area and the exhibition halls.
  • Moderation by an expert commentator.
  • Perfect insights from different perspectives using several cameras including bodycams.

Example scenario

Several gunshots and shouting were heard in an office complex.

The nearest response team has been alerted and is immediately preparing for deployment.

Given the expected casualty situation, the response team is divided into an Access Squad and a Combat Medic Squad. In the course of the demonstration, you will be able to observe the change of procedures, adapted to the threat situation and enemy pressure.

The professional equipment and the technology used will be in the foreground.

After the situation has been controlled by the access team, the combat-medic team begins with the treatment of the injured and the dog. Life-saving measures are carried out in accordance with (K9) TCCC.

Enforce Tac Village

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