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Enforce Tac Village

The mission

  • Experience products in action - live, realistic and professionally presented.
  • Various scenarios, prepared by former as well as active soldiers and policemen.
  • Realized four times a day, broadcast live in the entrance area and the exhibition halls.
  • Moderation by an expert commentator.
  • Perfect insights from different perspectives using several cameras including bodycams.

The implementation

  • Your products will be used and presented under realistic conditions in conjunction with products from other renowned manufacturers as part of tactical scenarios.
  • We provide a trained and experienced team in addition to an environment close to the operation.

Your invest

  • Your products - professionally presented and explained four times a day in two different tactical scenarios.

  • Depending on the product category, your investment will range from € 1,490 to € 6,990.

Your other option

For 12,500 € you become one of a maximum of three premium partners of the Enforce Tac Village!

This includes not only the naming on site (moderation + advertising banner) but also an advertising spot as part of the live broadcast of the scenarios. 




Example scenario

Several gunshots and shouting were heard in an office complex.

The nearest response team has been alerted and is immediately preparing for deployment.

Given the expected casualty situation, the response team is divided into an Access Squad and a Combat Medic Squad. In the course of the demonstration, you will be able to observe the change of procedures, adapted to the threat situation and enemy pressure.

The professional equipment and the technology used will be in the foreground.

After the situation has been controlled by the access team, the combat-medic team begins with the treatment of the injured and the dog. Life-saving measures are carried out in accordance with (K9) TCCC.

Impressions Enforce Tac Village
Enforce Tac Village


  • You provide us with your products and instruct our operational partners in their use. 
  • We take care of the rest - you don't need any additional personnel or other resources and can concentrate fully on your trade fair presentation.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Enforce Tac team. 


  • What does it cost to participate?
    One day, 2 x 2 scenarios of approximately 15 minutes each, from € 1,490 depending on product category.
  • Who decides which exhibitors take part?
    The exhibition team of Enforce Tac in close consultation with those responsible for the content of the scenarios.
  • By when do I have to decide, or by when do I have to book?

    The earlier the better, especially as the number of places is limited.

    Registration deadline: 15 October 2023

  • My product does not appear in the category overview. Can I still be included?
    Our goal is to help you get the most out of your participation in Enforce Tac Village. A key element of effectiveness is realistic, cohesive scenarios. In each case, we will consider whether we can integrate your product into the scenarios. If we cannot integrate your specific product into a scenario in a meaningful way, please do not participate this year. 
  • Where and how will my products being demonstrated at Enforce Tac Village be stored?
    Enforce Tac Village weapon cabinet
    Security sensitive material will be stored in a Class 1 weapons locker in a locked room. There is also a guard dog.