Enforce Tac 2024: Still a key player in the industry


Enforce Tac 2024: Still a key player in the industry

Discover the latest developments in security and defense at Enforce Tac 2024. From February 26th to 28th, immerse yourself in an enhanced visitor experience with a focus on both internal and external security. Learn about international procurement processes, especially between Scandinavia and Germany, with the debut of the Scandinavian-German Defence Symposium. With over 9,000 expected visitors and a diverse range of exhibitors Enforce Tac 2024 promises unparalleled networking opportunities and insights into future military requirements.

Trade fair events Enforce Tac Lively activity at Enforce Tac - the trade fair for members of the authorities and armed forces.

Enforce Tac, the exhibition for members of security agencies and the armed forces, is investing heavily in the visitor experience during the upcoming event from 26 to 28 February 2024, while maintaining a clear focus on internal and external security.


Enforce Tac bolsters commitment to security and cooperation: Scandinavian-German Defence Symposium launches at Enforce Tac 2024

The team headed by Exhibition Director Isabelle Teufert has announced another premiere for Enforce Tac 2024. “We keep a close eye on developments within the industry and adapt to new needs by developing pragmatic solutions,” explains Teufert. “In this case, we are focussing on international procurement processes, especially between Scandinavia and Germany, in line with the current increased procurement needs.”

Norway and Germany currently have one of the largest partnerships for defence and economic projects in Europe. At the same time, NATO is welcoming Sweden and Finland, which further strengthens the alliance. These developments are enough to underpin the thematic focus set for Enforce Tac 2024 in collaboration with initiators David Faller (Solid Ground) and Dr. Christian Wildhagen (Nordisk Konsult). In addition to Faller and Wildhagen, stakeholders from the German Armed Forces Planning Office, the International Chamber of Commerce Norway, MIDSEC Norge and the Federation of German Security and Defence Industries (BDSV) will also be in attendance. “The aim of the symposium is to promote and intensify closer relationships, provide insights into the future requirements of the armed forces, highlight challenges and explore opportunities for cooperation in procurement processes,” Teufert concludes, emphasising the central importance of the event and the Enforce Tac 2024 platform for the industry.


Enforce Tac 2024: 9,000 visitors expected

“The number of exhibitor enquiries remains at a high level. Halls 7A and 7 are fully booked,” says Thomas Mahler, Sales Manager of Enforce Tac, reflecting on current sales. Visitors can therefore look forward to an unprecedented variety of exhibitors. The highly specialized products and services offered by the 680 exhibitors already registered for 2024 (2023: 544) will be complemented by the multifaceted supporting programme at this year’s Enforce Tac. In addition to the Enforce Tac VILLAGE, Enforce Tac TV and the Enforce Tac BLACKBOX, Enforce Tac 2024 has a whole raft of high-quality items on its programme.

Giving former special forces soldiers a stage

For the entire duration of Enforce Tac 2024, a book presentation for “Under the Sword: 15 Years in Special Forces Command” by former Special Forces Command soldier Christian Gerstner will be held in Hall 8. In this book, Gerstner describes his experiences from 15 years in Special Forces Command and his transformation from soldier to warrior.


Meet & Greet with Dom from FLASHBANG Magazine

Published quarterly, FLASHBANG Magazine is known for showcasing exclusive and never-before-seen photos. While society tends to highlight its heroes through the sensationalism of film stars and athletes, the dangerous missions of our special forces around the world mostly take place out of the media spotlight and under the radar of society’s attention. Dom, author, photographer and editor of the magazine, will be available for a meet-and-greet throughout the event in the walkway area of Hall 7A.


German Police University DHPol organizes “Weapons and protective equipment” conference

At the conference for weapons and protective equipment, users can find out about new developments in equipment and handling service weapons. DHPol is organizing an all-day event on this theme in the Sydney Room, NCC Ost, on the second day of the event.


UAV DACH organizes another technical discussion

On Day 2 of Enforce Tac 2024, UAV DACH (the Association for Unmanned Aircraft) will once again hold a technical discussion, hosted by the “Public Security and Defence” working group in the Milan Room, NCC Mitte, from 15:00 to 17:00.


Bayern Innovativ side event

On the last day of Enforce Tac 2024, Bayern Innovativ GmbH is hosting the “Bayern Innovativ TechHUB Lunch” with the motto of “meeting, interacting and networking”. In addition to Bavaria’s State Secretary for Economic Affairs Tobias Gotthardt and Bayern Innovativ management board members Dr Rainer Sessner and Dr Matthias Konrad, participants will include many representatives of Bavarian-based companies and start-ups from the security and defence industry.


Enforce Tac exhibitor evening

“We want to offer our industry a suitable platform to develop promising prospects and jointly strengthen the internal and external security of Germany and Europe – with enough time for dialogue and sufficient space for the growing range of exhibitors,” Teufert asserts. “Of course, an exhibitor evening with good food, drinks and discussions is a must,” she concludes.

This year’s exhibitor evening will take place on level 3 of NCC Ost from 18:00 on the second day of the event, with the theme of “Noche Cubana”.


Enforce Tac Fitness Test

Visitors who enjoy physical activity should pay a visit to Stand 8-225 in Hall 8, where they can take part in a cross-functional physical test with Sahin Kovancisoy from RCFN Fitness.

Save the date

The next Enforce Tac will be held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 26 to 28 February 2024. Industry professionals visiting Enforce Tac can look forward to an exhibition area of 29,940 m² in 2024 (2023: 22,000 m²).