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Enforce Tac Magazine

Enforce Tac Magazine

Official Enforce Tac Magazine 2024

Exclusive trade fair edition for Enforce Tac

Joachim Herrmann, MdL, Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, for Sport and Integration

European Commission

Olaf Lindner, President of the Federal Police Directorate 11 (Bundling of special forces)


  • Head & body protection (WIWeB)
  • Night vision capability
  • Shooting ranges / Shooting training
  • Tactical vehicles
  • Clothing
  • Drones / Counter-UAV
  • Tactical communication
  • Explosive ordnance disposal
  • Special and specialized forces
    • Further development of equipment
    • Tactical casualty care
  • Police / Internal Security
    • Border protection
    • FRONTEX - International Standardization & Training