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Enforce Tac Village

Enforce Tac Village


An open-air training area where exhibitors' products are presented live, realistically and professionally in police and military scenarios. Four times a day, you can look forward to different scenarios prepared by a team of former and active soldiers and police officers. An experienced commentator guides you through the scenarios with expert insights and explanations. In order to capture every angle and every perspective, several cameras, including bodycams, will be used to provide a comprehensive view of the action.

Location: Loading yard between halls 7 and 8



Test equipment specially designed for low-light application scenarios or the detection of temperature profiles in a suitable environment.

All exhibitors participating in the BLACKBOX are linked below.

Location: Hall 7, 7-104

Scandinavian-German Defence Industry Symposium

Premiere of the Scandinavian-German Defense Symposium at Enforce Tac 2024 - specifically for the international procurement process between Scandinavia and Germany.

Norway and Germany currently have one of the largest partnerships for defense and economic projects in Europe. At the same time, NATO welcomes Sweden and Finland, which further strengthens the alliance. These developments are reason enough to set a thematic focus during Enforce Tac 2024 together with initiator David Faller (Solid Ground). In addition to David Faller himself, stakeholders from the Bundeswehr Planning Office, AHK Oslo, MIDSEC Norge and the BDSV will also be present.

The aim of the symposium: 

  • to promote and deepen closer relations,
  • provide insights into the future requirements of the armed forces,
  • to identify challenges and explore opportunities for cooperation in procurement processes.

Location: NCC Ost, Room Shanghai 


Book launch "Unter dem Schwert" by a former special forces commando soldier

During the entire duration of Enforce Tac 2024, a book presentation "Under the Sword: 15 Years in Special Forces Command" by former Special Forces Command soldier Christian Gerstner will take place in Hall 8. In this book, Gerstner describes his experiences from 15 years in the KSK and his transformation from soldier to warrior.

Location: Hall 8, 8-500

Meet & Greet with Dom from FLASHBANG Magazine

The quarterly FLASHBANG Magazine is known for revealing exclusive and never-before-seen photos. While society tends to highlight its heroes through the sensationalism of movie stars and athletes, the dangerous missions of our special forces around the world mostly take place out of the media spotlight and under the radar of society's attention. Dom, author, photographer and editor of the magazine, will be on hand for a meet & greet throughout the duration of the event in Übergang Hall 7A.

Location: Passage Hall 7A

Enforce Tac Fitness Test with Sahin Kovancisoy from RCFN Fitness

Visitors who enjoy physical activity should pay a visit to Hall 8, Stand 8-225, where they can take part in a cross-functional body test with Sahin Kovancisoy from RCFN Fitness.

Location: Hall 8, 8-225

Conference for weapons and protective equipment

At the specialist conference "Weapons and Protective Equipment", which is organised by the DHPol, users can learn about equipment innovations and handling service weapons.

Location: NCC Ost, Room Sydney

Expert group meeting of the "Public Security and Defense" working group of UAV DACH

As part of the specialist conference for weapons and protective equipment, users can find out about new equipment for handling service weapons. The DHPol invites you to attend the all-day event on the second day. 

Location: NCC Ost, VIP Service 8/9

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