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Black Trident - Special Purpose Gear


Uncompromised Gear. Distinctive Design, Innovation & Production. All Made in Austria. Kydexholsters, Nylon Gear & more.

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We offer

  • Bags, rucksacks
  • Tactical carrying devices, straps, etc.
  • Holsters, weapon-belt
  • Personal equipment
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Industriestraße 1/I/A/27
2100 Korneuburg

About us

Black Trident is an Austrian company which specialized in the design, development & production of tactical equipment. Founded in 2019, Black Trident is taking the industry by storm by providing uncompromised premium gear that is all made In-House. From Protoype to production Ready model. We make equipment working for you to unlock your full potential.

***Overview of Black Trident Product Line***

  • Kydexholsters (50+ Weapon Models, 21+ Laser- / Lightmodules, Lefthand- & Righthand Shooters, 100+ Colors & Patterns
    • OWB Holster (Thor, Thor Duty+ (Level 2 Sicherheitsholster), Loki, Raven)
    • IWB Holster (Viking, Guardian)
    • Mag Carriers (Pistol / Rifle Single Mag Carrier, Pistol Double Mag Carrier, X-Carrier)
  • Nylon Products
    • Rifle Slings
    • TFC Kits / IFAK / First Aid
  • Additional Products
    • Surefire Laser - & Light Modules
    • Streamlight Laser - & Light Modules
    • Discreet Carry Concept Clips
    • UltiClip
    • & more

***The most popular products among agencies from Black Trident***

  • Thor Duty+ Level 2 Holster with original Safariland SLS Safety Mechanism (Swedish Cost Guard)
  • Raven Holster (Officially carried by GSG9, WEGA Vienna, SEK South Bavaria & more)
  • Black Trident Two-Point Sling (Austrian Jagdkommando, Police Thüringen 1.200+ pieces)
  • TFC Kit / IFAK (3 mounting options, smallest formfactor in industry, developed with SOF Master Medic)
  • Night Vision Retention System (Luxembourg Army, 1000+ Units)

***Special Developments & Small Series production***

Your unit is deploying the latest cutting edge equipment? You would like to have accessories for it? You are at the right place. Our in-house development team makes your ideas happen. From small series holster production for uncommon pistol configurations up to large scale production tailored to your requirements. We are the solution providers you are looking for.  

Stop by at our booth and take a first-hand look at our products. 


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Wolfgang Rohrbacher

CEO / Procurement

info@blacktrident.com +436604854157
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Ralph Morgenfurt

CTO / Holster Development

ralph@blacktrident.com +436604854157
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Raul Sedivy

Sales / GOV & MIL

info@blacktrident.com +436604854157
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David Buchner

Project Lead / Nylon Products

info@blacktrident.com +436604854157


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