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Sole chemical lights supplier approved by NATO offering lighting solutions in visible and IR versions. Reflective & photoluminescent products.

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We offer

  • Other operational equipment
  • Other equipment
  • Security and warning devices
  • Holsters, weapon-belt
  • Lighting
  • Rescue devices
  • Shooting range equipment, incl. noise protection
  • First aid/Medical equipment
  • Tactical lights
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295 Rue Mayor de Montricher
13591 Aix en Provence Cedex 3

About us

Used by military forces and law enforcement agencies around the world, Cyalume lighting solutions allows you to mark, signal and identify in the most hazardous situations, including combat operations or natural disasters. As the sole supplier that meets, and even exceeds the military specifications, Cyalume® remains the only manufacturer authorized to display NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) on all ChemLight® brand products.

As a key player in the tactical light market for military forces, Cyalume today aims at expanding its expertise and now offers its solutions to law-enforcement agencies and first responders (police, firefighters…). The Cyalume® chemiluminescent lighting range consists of approximately one hundred products, covering both visible light and infrared products. Our products meet and exceed all requirements expressed by defense and safety players alike. The Cyalume® range includes tactical lights, marking and identification lights, hazard warning devices, personal protective equipment, rescue lights and evacuation systems. Cyalume® offers a wide range of lighting products in various colors, shapes and sizes. With a simple press or bend to activate, the Cyalume® ChemLight® light sticks provide instant light from 5 minutes to 12 hours duration, dependant on the product form.

In order to respond to the operational need of marking with lightsticks while maintaining their performance before being activated by the user (the stick is photosensitive and once removed from its packaging, an extended exposure to ultraviolet light will affect the performance and decrease the lightstick’s effectiveness when activated), Cyalume has developed a new accessory for Cyalume light sticks: the CYPOUCH tactical Cyalume holder.

In tactical environments the users of Cyalume lightsticks need to prepare their equipment before commencing their mission. Now thanks to CyPouch, the individual foils protecting the 6’’ and 4’’ lightsticks can be removed in advance to save those precious seconds for when it matters. They can be stored within the CyPouch as an easy to reach, protected, accessible marker separated by colour or size by simply using the metal loading rings and/or the internal and external elastic loops. The CyPouch can be configured in a bundle format by attaching it vertically, or as a holster, by attaching it horizontally with its MOLLE fasteners.

CyPouch is a compact and ambidextrous pouch that is easy and quick to reload. It has been designed for use while wearing gloves.

Its fitted with a MOLLE fastener allowing attachment to a belt for example. Its addition is easy and discrete and ensures the preservation and protection of the Cyalume lightsticks performance.

Available in 4 colors : Coyote / Multicam / NATO Green / Black, CyPouch is opened with 2 double YKK® zipper Gauge 10 and a metal eyelet for water flow.

The Cyalume Holder is also designed with 3 reusable metal rings allowing attachment of the chosen Cyalume Lightsticks in a bundle as well as internal and external elastic loops to take extra lightsticks.

With a capacity of +/- 20 lightsticks* CyPouch can contain 6’’ (15cm) and 4’’ (10cm) lightsticks. (*according to size of lightsticks chosen, Arrangement example : Internal: 5x6’’ lightsticks + 9x4’’ lightsticks; External: 6 lightsticks).

CyPouch operation principle is simple and efficient and is ideal for the user ! This tactical pouch can also be used in “Cyalume Bundle” configuration as well as in “Cyalume Holster” configuration.

The Cyalume® ChemLight® light stick line is complemented by our retro-reflective, photoluminescent, IR, passive thermal and Fusion products. We offer custom made IFF products to mark and identify personnel, vehicles and any other type of devices. All these products are the subject of a special study after you have defined the signature (technology), the shape, the dimension of the desired visual aid.

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Product Picture 6'' Chemlight (15cm) Lightsticks
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6'' Chemlight (15cm) Lightsticks

Product Picture CyPouch tactical Cyalume holder
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CyPouch tactical Cyalume holder




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