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Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 41
60329 Frankfurt am Main

About us

We offer Holistic and Strategic Security Consulting for Companies, State Organizations, Institutions, Authorities, and Organizations with Security Tasks, as well as the Military, from Planning to Operational Implementation. Our Team of Experts has a broad range of Expertise in the following areas:

Cybersecurity and Hybrid Warfare: Developing Proactive Defense Strategies against Cyberattacks and Hybrid Threats, including Advanced Endpoint Security and Self-Sufficient IT Solutions for a Secure Online and Offline Environment.

Intelligence and Economic Protection: Using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to Protect Critical Economic Infrastructures and Address Internal Threats and Radicalization to Strengthen Security from Within.

Counter-Terrorism and Protection of Critical Infrastructures: Enabling Companies to Develop Their Own Protection Concepts so that They Do Not Have to Rely Exclusively on State Measures. Early Detection of Threats and Preventive Security Strategies Minimize the Impact of Terrorist Attacks.

Civil Protection and Disaster Prevention: Support in the Development and Implementation of Precautionary Measures for Civil Protection and Disaster Prevention, Strengthening Self-Protection Capabilities through Risk Analysis, Emergency Planning, and Crisis Response.

Advanced Protection and Use of Unmanned Systems: Expertise in CBRN Defense, Protection against Unconventional Threats, and Strategic Use, as well as Securing and Defending Unmanned Systems to Protect People, Critical Infrastructure, and Government Facilities.

Security Management and IoT Integration: Comprehensive Personal and Property Protection, Development of Hybrid and Hardened Infrastructures, supported by Secure Communication Platforms. Here, we also Integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) to Increase the Efficiency and Functionality of Security Systems, while Implementing Robust Protection Measures to Minimize the Risks Associated with the Networking of Devices and Systems.

Crisis Management: Training Crisis Response Teams and Implementing Robust Command and Control Systems to Optimize the Security and Efficiency of Operations.

Our Goal is to Significantly Increase the Resilience of Our Customers through Comprehensive Security Solutions that Protect against a Wide Range of Threats and Secure the Business in the Long Term.

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