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ELP GmbH European Logistic Partners

Specialized in equipment for military and police bomb disposal services since 1989.

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We offer

  • Other measuring and testing systems
  • Explosives detection and testing systems
  • Other unmanned vehicles
  • Radio technology
  • EOD devices and equipment
  • CBRN protection
  • Ballistic helmets
  • Ballistic body armor
  • Personal equipment
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Contact Information

Nützenberger Straße 359
42115 Wuppertal

About us

ELP GmbH has been specialized in equipment for military and police bomb disposal services since 1989. Beside bomb suits and mobile X-ray technology, the product program includes EOD robots, ballistic protection devices and EOD tools. Today, the company is also point of contact for unmanned aerial and ground systems for reconnaissance purposes and Detection of drugs and/or explosives.

ELP GmbH represents the following brands in German speaking Europe:

  • Med-Eng Systems (Bomb Suits and EOD Tools)
  • Teledyne FLIR (Unmanned Aerial and Ground Systems)
  • Boston Dynamics (Unmanned System "Spot®")
  • Golden Engineering (X-ray generators)
  • Logos Imaging (flat panel detectors and imaging plates)
  • Nammo (blasting technique)
  • Chemring Technology Solutions (disruptors)
  • Steatite (radio/data technology)
  • Rapiscan Systems,Greyscan and Rigaku (Detection of drugs and/or explosives)

Service in Germany

The in-house workshop of ELP performs maintenance and repair of almost all products. Due to the spare parts inventory, ELP is able to perform services quickly and independently. To improve operator confidence and to secure mission-success ELP also offers operator trainings.

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