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Hoernecke, Carl Chem. Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG


Sicherheit durch Qualität seit 1896.

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We offer

  • Guns for official agencies, gun components, ammunition, gun security
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Training weapons
  • Non-lethal ammunition
  • Irritant ammunition
  • Chemical maces and irritant sprays
  • Mace grenades
  • Gun and equipment aids
  • First aid/Medical equipment
  • Riot Control
  • Training equipment
  • Holsters, weapon-belt
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Industriestraße 26
71720 Oberstenfeld

About us


Established in 1896 in Magdeburg, the company HOERNECKE is now managed by the fourth generation. Since 1962, the primary focus of the family business is the development, production and sales of security products for the protection of man.

Furthermore, HOERNECKE has specialized in the production of irritant agents and non-lethal spray devices. The original TW 1000 security products for personal self-defence and for professional use have matured into a versatile device series equipped with highly functional system elements.

The company is now one of the leading international suppliers. From the factory in Oberstenfeld, near Stuttgart, Germany, HOERNECKE products are shipped worldwide.


Reliably protect yourself from violence, crime, and dangerous animals with the market-leading TW1000 defence devices from HOERNECKE. Maximum efficacy in combination with functionality and reliability, are the key features of the TW1000 devices. Choose between handy defence sprays ranging from 15 ml capacity to high-performance irritant spray devices with a content up to 400 ml. Our individual TW1000 product lines are optimized for a variety of applications.


HOERNECKE ensures professionals. The “Original TW1000” product line for professional use is a series of highly effective systems that are successfully used in everyday police work to fend off physical violence. TW1000 spray systems can target and incapacitate individuals from a distance while preventing dangerous or lethal injuries.

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Product Picture TW1000 RSG-4

TW1000 RSG-4

Product Picture TW1000 RSG-5

TW1000 RSG-5

Product Picture TW1000 RSG-6

TW1000 RSG-6

Product Picture TW1000 RSG-8

TW1000 RSG-8


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