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About us

Integris Composites provides composite hard body armour and tactical protection solutions for Special Forces, military units, and law enforcement on a global scale. Emphasizing light weight without compromising reliability, Integris Composites has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of hard body armour, having supplied in excess of 1.000.000 plates, with government end-users in France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States, and numerous other countries.

Combining our EN9100 and AS9001 certified manufacturing capability with our skills in composite material engineering, we have developed composite-based anti-ballistic solutions for platforms and personal applications for more than 20 years. This experience goes into our current portfolio of hard body armour plates and tactical shields and has resulted in the Integris Multi-light hard body armour plates and Integris Targa-light tactical shields.

Based on our experience in ballistics, we provide solutions to all major protection standards incl. NIJ 0101.06, 0101.04, 0101.08, VPAM, STANAG, and numerous other national and international protection standards. We have an internal shooting laboratory that can verify the ballistic capabilities in accordance with the preferred norm before taking the solution to an independent accredited laboratory. Our new capability in modeling and simulation means we can reduce the time to adapt existing plates to other preferred standards or generate completely new plates in a short time.

Integris Multi-light is a complete and comprehensive line of hard body armour plates capable of answering the needs of operators. Based on our composite technology and our manufacturing methods, we can translate weight savings into tactical advantages, enabling higher mobility, higher protection, and more endurance for the operator. We also develop plates for specific applications, enabling marines and sailors to add additional safety to their protection equipment through positively buoyant plates, special neutrally buoyant plates for divers, and thinner plates for drivers.

We develop specialized plates for all applications ranging from protection levels and standards, shape, thickness, as well as parameters outside of the usual scope – such as threats outside the currently defined scope, aerial density, or with new features such as independent damage identification systems or specially developed shock absorbers.

Integris Targa-light tactical shields are the result of decades of collaboration with Special Forces to tailor protection solutions that accommodate their tactical moves and needs for ballistic protection. Split into three major groups, the Integris Targa-light tactical shields consist of portable shields intended for carrying, shields on trolleys for increased protection or less mobile applications, as well as first-responder shields that are lightweight, stowable, and can be deployed immediately.

We understand the need of deploying the tactical shields as tactical platforms and can provide or integrate new or existing equipment into shields in order to increase protection levels, and visual control, or simply to pack and stow the shields.

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Jonas Holck

Group Vice President Strategy

jonas.holck@integriscomposites.com +1 (404) 293 0887

Tomasz Stachera

Sales Director Eastern Europe & Israel

tomasz.stachera@integriscomposites.com +48 575 098 642

Jan Grimberg

Sr. VP Marketing & Sales EMEA

jan.grimberg@integriscomposites.com +31 6 53939376

Anthony Rossignol

Project Manager

jan.grimberg@integriscomposites.com +33 6 37 19 43 89