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Lahoux Optics

This year Lahoux Optics exists 30 years. A milestone that we as a company are proud of and want to reflect on.

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  • Night sights
  • Thermal imaging equipment and cameras
  • Optics and optronics
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Wigandstaler Straße 23
13086 Berlin

About us

Innovation in Nightvision

Lahoux Optics was founded in 1992 and is a manufacturer of high quality nightvision and thermal devices

Lahoux Optics is a Dutch producer of nightvision devices with image intensifier tubes. The Image intensifier tubes that Lahoux Optics uses in their devices are exclusively from the Dutch/French tube manufacturer Photonis and all our devices are delivered with an individual datasheet proving this. The Photonis image intensifier tubes form the heart of traditional nightvision devices such as clip-on’s monoculars, goggles and riflescopes. The image intensifier tubes of Photonis, XR-5, Gen II Plus, ONYX ™ and ECHO / ECHO Plus are the best image intensifier tubes availablein the world. Lahoux Optics developes and produces its own nightvision devices such as the Lahoux LV-81 and Lahoux Hemera night vision clip-ons. The optics of these devices have been designed in-house and are optimized for Photonis ECHO tubes and Photonis Onyx phosphor. Available are also observation devices such as the Lahoux LVS-14 monocular and the Lahoux LVS-7 nightvision goggles. If needed, night vision devices can be aided by a Lahoux Helios illuminator.

Lahoux Optics devices are designed and produced in Holland and stand in a long tradition of night vision technology that began in the 1930’s when Philips invented the first image intensifier tube in Holland. Since it’s foundation in 1992 Lahoux Optics has cooperated closely within the nightvision technology sector in Holland thus gaining a wealth of experience.

Furthermore, Lahoux Optics manufactures thermal imaging equipment such as the long established Lahoux Spotter NL series for observation, the Lahoux Horus clip-on and the binoculars from Lahoux. In the past, thermal technology was very expensive and reserved exclusively for the military. For some years, the heart of the system, the so-called uncooled core, is produced in large quantities, thus making them affordable. All Lahoux Optics thermal devices are designed and manufactured in Holland. Our devices are manufactured by hand on an individual basis and consist of high quality components thus guaranteeing the highest possible performance, reliability and a long lifetime.

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Product Picture Lahoux LV-81

Lahoux LV-81

Product Picture Lahoux Spotter NL

Lahoux Spotter NL

Product Picture Lahoux Horus

Lahoux Horus

Product Picture Lahoux LVS-7

Lahoux LVS-7

Product Picture Lahoux LVS-14

Lahoux LVS-14


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