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Newco Safety Technologies GmbH


Newco Safety Technologies GmbH is the pyrotechnic partner for special forces, police, armies worldwide and civilian institutions.

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We offer

  • Guns for official agencies, gun components, ammunition, gun security
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Non-lethal ammunition
  • Illumination and signal ammunition
  • Camouflage aids
  • Aerosol grenades
  • Rescue devices
  • Riot Control
  • Other operational equipment
  • Training equipment
  • Training ammunition
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Bei der Feuerwerkerei 1
22946 Trittau

About us

70 years of competence. Three generations - leading in cooperations as shareholders and managing partners Newco Safety Technologies reached successfully the international market within a network of competence and is the pyrotechnic partner for special forces, police, armies worldwide and civilian institutions, with high reputation by providing budgetary, effective and safe solutions. 

NST has its Headquarter and the German production facilities in the surroundings of Hamburg - Trittau, Kiel and internationally in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.. NST is certified under ISO 9001:2015 and MIL Standards for development, production, handling and sales and works in accordance with the REACH regulations for use of chemicals. The company provides a centre of competence in a netlab environment with international connectivity, develops and manufactures for general market demand, custom made solutions and participates in public tenders for human protection and realistic training.

The NST classic line product range:
Signal & Camouflage Smokes, Irritating & Diversion Flash Bangs, Illumination & Tracing Flares. 

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Product Picture Irritating & Diversion Flash Bangs

Irritating & Diversion Flash Bangs

Product Picture Signal & Camouflage Smokes

Signal & Camouflage Smokes

Product Picture Illumination & Tracing Flares

Illumination & Tracing Flares

Product Picture Nico Signal

Nico Signal


Tracing Flares  | Signal Smoke | Illumination | Flash Bangs | Distress signal | Camouflage Smoke