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Located in Versailles (France), Nexter Robotics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexter Group, company of KNDS. The company is fully dedicated to the development of unmanned Military and Security systems working for both the military and civil areas. The main purpose of the company aims at designing, developing, industrializing, producing, marketing and supporting terrestrial and land-based robots and their related mission components and modules.

Nexter Robotics collaborates with the French and foreign armies by supplying robots assigned to different kinds of tasks: reconnaissance, anti-IED (Improvised Explosive Devices, opening route), automated conveying (logistics platforms) and protection of soldiers (weaponized remote controlled platforms). The range considered is going from few kilograms to few hundred kilos Robots.

Nexter Robotics has developed a comprehensive range of robots which covers a large part of the Defense and Civil Protection (Police and Fire Forces) missions.

The Company addresses 2 main segments of Robotic systems :

First segment is made up of small multi-mission tactical robots represented by the NERVA family. These multi-mission robots are highly robust (they can be thrown away, they are waterproof) and can be equipped with more than 20 different mission modules to extend their basic 360° observation capability; so, a single system can be configured to address all-conditions and tackle all kinds of missions: discreet Reconnaissance, CBRN detection, Counter-IED, and can also be equipped with Less Than Lethal weapons or other payloads that will be developed in partnership with customers and end-users to meet their specific needs in response to their field experiences and the new threats they will face.

  • NERVA®LG is designed to be integrated into combat systems, it’s a robust and reliable mobile platform, intuitive and very easy to use. NERVA®LG can be used for remote observation, detection, destruction (IED), manipulation, jamming, triggering (trip wires). It is particularly well-suited for reconnaissance and opening up of potentially dangerous areas (IED or CBRN threats) easy to deploy, launchable and with a high-speed capability, it fits to the tempo of operations.It can be reconfigured within a few seconds on the field, with no special tools (Wheels/Tracks, Payload, Batteries), it always provides the best capabilities in the most varied contexts of intervention.

  • NERVA®XX is multi-purpose medium size robot for reconnaissance and support to operations, it can help the users to complete a technical mission with the highest flexibility. It remains fully compatible with NERVA®LG payloads and mission kits. The NERVA®XX exploits the same native capacities of its smaller brother, NERVA®LG, which is the most valuable part of the system and provides semi-autonomous capabilities. Not only, it also uses the same modular concept based on the 1-click system used to swap battery, wheels, NERVA® payloads, etc. as well as the same human machine interface.

Second segment is made up of Nexter’s new range of Multi-Missions Tactical Robotics Systems (MMTRS). The “OPTIO®-X20” is a worthy representative of this range of MMTRS’s UGV as a weaponized implementation. This new range of UGV product meets an emerging need for the use of heavy UGV on the battlefield, both in combat as a weapon station with the OPTIO®-X20 and on a more logistical level with the ULTRO®.

  • OPTIO®-X20 is Armed with the Arx®20 RCWS, this open-architecture tracked drone is specifically designed for perimeter observation, reconnaissance, and target engagement tasks. With the ARX®20, its 20mm automatic cannon and 7.62mm, both gyrostabilized, OPTIO®-X20 is able to handle up to level 4 protected targets.

  • ULTRO® is a generic platform designed to mount mission components to carry out mission such as Mule, Remote Weapon Station, 155mm shell transport, ISR & other operational applications with a high level of modularity.
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