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3280 Murten

About us

Phonak Communications is proud to showcase Roger Covert 2.0, and Serenity Choice Pro Security hearing protection and CommsAdapter, designed for the most demanding security situations.

Roger Covert 2.0 is our discreet comms system; crystal-clear digital clarity, an invisible earpiece, no neckloop and flexible radio and Bluetooth connections, for clear comms in any situation.

Serenity Choice Pro Security is military-grade hearing protection to protect users from impulse sounds such as gunfire, while maintaining full situational awareness. Serenity Choice is suitable for all-day wear, with custom shell and generic versions.

Serenity Choice Pro Security CommsAdapter allows users to listen to radio comms without compromising hearing protection or situational awareness, and can be used under helmets.

Since 1992 we have helped professionals to communicate effectively in challenging environments. Our earpieces, headsets and hearing protection devices are trusted by demanding customers around the world. We are part of Sonova Group, a leading provider of hearing care solutions.

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Florian Bachmann

Product Manager



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