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PREVENCY® SaaS Media and Information Environment Simulator

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About us

PREVENCY® is the leading information environment simulator and has won several entrepreneurial awards and nominations over the recent months. It offers a comprehensive and innovative enablement system that can effectively increase the media and communication awareness, competence, and readiness of organizations.

The company has teamed up with NATO StratCom COE to develop a SaaS Information Environment Simulation Platform to provide an interactive, immersive and secure simulation environment for training strategic communications such as public affairs, crisis communications, countering information operations or digital engagement. The NATO StratCom COE and Department of National Defence Canada serve as anker clients in the defence sector.

As the leading SaaS information environment simulator, PREVENCY® offers a SaaS training platform for the immersive simulation of communication crises and media information threats as well as comprehensive expertise in the planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation of (crisis) communication exercises.

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