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Bullet traps, Splinter Protection, Penetration restraining Windows and doors, planing and construction indoor Shooting ranges, water shelling basins

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We offer

  • Simulators, incl. light shooting
  • Shooting range equipment, incl. noise protection
  • Shooting and special training
  • Training
  • Other operational equipment
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Relystraße 10
64720 Michelstadt

About us

The enterprise was founded in 1948 as a construction carpenter's workshop and furniture carpenter's workshop in Michelstadt. During the years the company expanded to today's enterprise with approx. 35 employees. The product portfolio reaches from wooden windows up to the construction of shooting ranges in buildings as well as the accompanying projectile catch systems. The enterprise spreads on three locations, a window construction company with headquarter in Großhartmannsdorf (Saxony), one Locksmith's shop with headquarter in Michelstadt and a carpenter's workshop located in the neighbouring district Steinbach. The enterprise is family-owned in the 4th generation.

Our product portfolio :

  • construction of indoor shooting ranges
  • bullet trap systems
  • bullet resistant windows and doors
  • bullet trap servicing
  • water shelling basins

Our company operates throughout Germany and internationally. Our customer circle stretches from private developers to State building control offices up to police and security services.

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Product Picture steel blade bulletrap

steel blade bulletrap

Product Picture snail bullet trap

snail bullet trap

Product Picture construction of indoor shooting ranges

construction of indoor shooting ranges

Product Picture thermoplastical bullet trap - Thermowall

thermoplastical bullet trap - Thermowall

Product Picture Splinter protection systems / Bullet-resistant constructions

Splinter protection systems / Bullet-resistant constructions


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