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Some fear change, others drive it.

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We offer

  • Diving and scuba equipment
  • Navigation (GPS, altimeters, compasses, maps)
  • Special vehicles
  • K9 equipment
  • Other operational equipment
  • Rescue devices
  • Other operational equipment
  • Boats and equipment
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Contact Information

Sven Källfelts Gata 18
426 71 Västra Frölunda

About us

SOAL Marine Group - cutting-edge maritime products and services from Sweden. We combine competence and innovation in a way that reaches beyond ordinary horizons.

SOAL Marine Group includes Spectre Marine, Kraka and SOAL Lab. 

SPECTRE is renowned as a leading company within international specialist training for governments and military as well as SAR teams around the world.

KRAKA is an electric jet driven inflatable board. It has been developed for operational work in critical and challenging situations at sea – where silence, low profile, accessibility, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success.

Kraka can be dropped from Air, Sea and Land. It can be driven autonomously. 

SOAL LAB is our hub for creating and innovating cutting-edge maritime products and services. We combine curiosity, competence and innovation with the goal to let users reach beyond previous limitations.

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