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Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik mbH was founded in 1994 and is a leading manufacturer of defense and homeland security products based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Germany. The product range includes the industry's most advanced unmanned ground vehicles, including the EOD robot tEODor EVO and the various models of the telemax EVO family, as well as fully equipped mission vehicles that are individually configured according to customer requirements. Telerob's state-of-the-art solutions safely and effectively perform a variety of hazardous missions, such as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), hazardous materials handling (HAZMAT) and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat reconnaissance. The rugged ground vehicles are all-terrain and feature some of the most advanced, specialized precision manipulators, autonomy functions and intuitive operation, providing a high degree of mission flexibility. 

In 2021, AeroVironment Inc., a global leader in unmanned aerial systems (UAS), acquired Telerob. This transaction combines the two global leaders in the fields of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) into one provider of holistic, integrated system solutions on water, on land, in the air and in near space.

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telemax EVO HYBRID

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telemax EVO PLUS

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telemax EVO PRO

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