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TTS Theissen Training Systems GmbH


TTS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of live-fire applications for individuals, police and military qualification and sustainment training.

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We offer

  • Training equipment
  • Simulators, incl. light shooting
  • Shooting range equipment, incl. noise protection
  • Shooting and special training
  • Training
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Schuchardstraße 3
40595 Düsseldorf

About us

Theissen Training Systems (TTS) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of live-fire training applications with production sites in Germany, Belgium and North America.

TTS develops, produces and installs complete training range systems for Small Arms Ranges, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities and Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise (CALFEX) Ranges that include Tank and Attack Helicopter operations.

TTS has continuously developed and improved a broad range of sophisticated off-the-shelf target mechanisms meeting today‘s technical and quality requirements. Our highly qualified and well-trained research and development team can customize products to meet end users specifications and requirements.

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Product Picture Stationary Infantry Target (SITA)

Stationary Infantry Target (SITA)

Product Picture Moving Infantry Target (MIT)

Moving Infantry Target (MIT)

Product Picture Overhead Retrievable Reaction Target (ORT)

Overhead Retrievable Reaction Target (ORT)

Product Picture Location-of-Miss-and-Hit (LOMAH)

Location-of-Miss-and-Hit (LOMAH)

Product Picture Stationary Armor Target (SAT)

Stationary Armor Target (SAT)


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