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VALKRE Armor Systems


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We offer

  • Bags, rucksacks
  • Tactical carrying devices, straps, etc.
  • Holsters, weapon-belt
  • Other textile products
  • Gloves, belts, headwear, accessories
  • Protective shields
  • Ballistic shields
  • Ballistic helmets
  • Ballistic body armor
  • Personal equipment
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Miroslava Tirsa 8
11080 Belgrade

About us

The company has been established in the year of global crisis and social unrest to save and protect lives of those at risk worldwide offering full range of personal body armor, from the ultra-lightweight concealable vests to full coverage tactical body armor.

Extensive ergonomic research has lead to innovative design. Our streamlined solutions embody principals of flexibility, freedom of movement and adaptability to the diversity of body characteristics in our users. These are the most important factors when choosing protective gear, ensuring that the vest can be worn continually while on duty, with the least amount of a strain to the wearer.

We are dedicated to delivering superior stopping power against specific threats, and achieving the highest level of protection at the lowest possible weight.

We are successfully achieving our goals by using the most technologically advanced materials available at the market.

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